Company Overview

OBOR Invest is a private and independent infrastructure and investment management advisory firm. We collaborate with our clients as “partners” and advise executives on their most critical issues and opportunities thereby equipping them with corporate and financial solutions to achieve sustainable success in highly complex fiscal, legal and financial environments.

As an independent and leading service provider, supported by our globally skilled and expert staff, we provide a broad range of professional services tailored to meet, deliver and surpass the needs for our partners and their clients for the Belt and Road initiative and further afield.

Our Drivers which give us our competitive edge:

  1. Trust, we only make promises we can keep, we say what we do and do what we say;

  2. Partnership, with transparency, strengthening capabilities and succeeding together;

  3. Confidentiality, we adhere to high standards to safeguard privacy and exclusivity;

  4. Wisdom, gained via vast experiences and qualifications including patience and perseverance;

  5. Diversity, the availability of an integrated international network delivers better results;

  6. Innovation, adding value through intelligent & creative solutions, artistically & scientifically;

  7. Indpendance, enabling flexibility and freedom with continuity and stability.

Our Commitment

At OBOR Invest, we are not committed just by word, but from the heart with unbridled passion for what we do. We are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence and success. We are governed by our culture and principles, deep-rooted in our work and ethics to ensure we remain steadfast, focus and devoted to what we stand for, to make a real difference.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear. Together, with our partners, we are passionate and dedicated to create a vibrant financial and infrastructure ecosystem to serve and meet the needs of the people and the environment.