The strategic placement of the OBOR route is designed to reinforce the infrastructure we have in place for investment development. Agriculturally, four of the top 10 most diverse and valued countries in the world are located here. Along the route, there are several countries that contribute to the value of agriculture globally, and have a values in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Industry reports have shown that the globally, agriculture has experienced a 46% rise in value over the last ten years, to over $3trillion in 2015.

Central Asia’s land and arable land per capita value ensures progressive development capacity. Although its value added agriculture rate is so high, labor productivity is very low due to difficulties and constraints in achieving capital and developing technology. This has resulted in significantly lower yield of crop per unit of land in countries with direct links to OBOR Invests’ project. Central Asian countries all have depreciating yield of crop per unit of land. Our exclusive opportunity for development and finance mechanisms along the route region will make the OBOR trade route a sustainable investment success, we can provide an extensive global finance network with personal and strong local offerings that shall encompass our values in trust, partnership, confidentiality and wisdom.

How are we going to help you?

Agricultural businesses can be vehicles for success. We can assist in developing strategies by collaboration with existing International companies that can provide share capital based on land, land leasing, breeding and structured finance. Our resources and partnerships with leading agricultural companies can advise you on best areas of investment, product and growth strategy to meet challenging programs and minimizing risks which will lead to successful project completion.