The simplest understanding of biotechnology is the study and development of technology based on biology. Recent breakthroughs have been made in debilitating rare diseases, reducing environmental footprints, feed the hungry foundations and motives to use less and cleaner energy. It has also had an impact on an industrial scale as the improvements in productivity and efficiency in factory manufacturing processes developed by biotechnology procedures have been extensive. Untreatable diseases have seen major investments in biotechnology and projects such has the Human Genome Project have been huge successes in developing gene therapy methods.

Agriculturally, several million farmers around the globe use agricultural biotechnology to increase yields, prevent insect damage on crops and generally reduce farming’s impact on the environment. Advancements in science has seen biotechnology develop biological processes to harness biocatalysts i.e. enzymes, in order to implement imperceptible manufacturing plants. Crop resistance can be improved as well as herbicide resistance which in turn facilitates the use of more environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices.

How are we going to help you?

Biotech companies are now attracting significant amounts of money due to the prospects it can offer. The most significant of these include longevity and very diverse medicine applications, industry leading information technology and ability to develop frameworks that secure and improve global healthcare. Our experienced and professional team shall support your business with deep insight and know-how, with robust scientific knowledge whilst applying a commercial approach and effective operational methodology to thrive in this value-based industry.