The development of the aviation infrastructure of several new airports will be a pivotal aspect of the OBOR initiative, both for China and the members of OBOR.   Aviation infrastructure projects can serve to develop an “aerotropolis” (airport city) that can offer speed, regional and global connectivity and flexibility. These factors can form a powerful engine to offer growth and stability for the local economic development and attract related businesses such as logistics and distribution facilities, time –dependent manufacturing, retail, hotel, business and entertainment amenities to anchor and facilitate air gateways. The net effect aims to develop a “hub” and  increase the number of aircrafts/airlines,cargo and passengers, flowing in and out of the countries thus enabling new routes and new businesses to flourish.  

As the main driver of OBOR initiative,China itself has invested and is continuously investing billions of dollars on the construction of civil aviation infrastructure. Several key construction projects and aviation-related upgrades to existing facilities are being constructed. Members of the OBOR initiative are currently implementing new developments and upgrades in their respective aviation industries. to carve and lead the way for enhanced global connectivity and exposure and offer valuable returns to investors.

How are we going to help you?

Construction, expansion and operation of airports projects needs highly skilled, reliable and results orientated partners. We at OBOR Invest can leverage from our established private and government channels to source and meet the needs for investments, acquisition or operation of an airport or aviation related assets.