Mariculture Projects

The cultivation of marine organisms in their natural habitat is known as mariculture. Local environment circumstances dictate the varieties for innovation and with bigger threats from global food shortages, malnutrition and environmental influences comes the emerging demand for high protein and high value food. Our mariculture manifesto could provide you with integrated and pro-active investment opportunities.

The technologies implemented in mariculture are highly advanced and technical with progressive complexities and unpredictability, this is why our industry-leading skilled and expert staff are the only option for evolution. Senior management teams provide their unrivalled strategic acumen and know how to support and develop various aspects of mariculture such as stock enhancements, legislation policy and certification, mariculture classification as well as all safety and quality control systems.

How are we going to help you?

Our team will offer full and integrated support to all our partners to ensure the right team is put in place. The infrastructure we will help develop will be co-created by industry specialists and supported by implementation mechanisms. Our international expert partners will offer innovative cooperation opportunities to utilize and sustain business development procedures, which will improve production, not only profits and will bolster your mariculture presence locally and worldwide.