The sophistication of smartphones have made mobile telecommunication a fundamental cog in the wider communications wheel. China to the east has been the primary manufacturer of mobile phones and broadband developments for a number of years and continue to dominate the market. To the east lies Europe, a major consumer of mobile phone and telecoms developments, thus placing the Silk Road in a perfect environment to invest in the industry.

How are we going to help you?

Several factors can affect this industry and today with data explosion, technology disruption and changing consumer habits, the industry is very competitive and challenging. By collaborating with us on your new or existing telecoms venture, our trusted and refined structures and importantly navigating meticulously through the challenging aspects, we at Obor Invest shall ensure you get the full benefit of investing in the industry and keep a value based growth and implementing  a purposeful operational model to steer as winners. Our worldwide reaching network of partners and experts will share and communicate fully with you, to provide ways and solutions to unlock further opportunities.