The background for transportation industries among countries along one belt and one road.

As the main enormous projects in the Belt and Road investment, opportunities in the roads and bridges especially for those silk road countries will always be the governmental priorities and be provided with more grants and subsidies. The Chinese leaders slowly but methodically move towards a grandiose infrastructure project of the new Silk Road. Beijing will not just build a fast transport and communication link with the countries of the Eurasian continent with this.  They aim to redefine global trade and financing and to transform the geopolitical architecture of the world, replacing the Atlantic and Pacific relations with Eurasian trade and economic and financial cooperation. The world’s longest highway through the desert, however, is part of the new Silk Road: ‘One Belt, One Road’. The completion of the highway of over 2,000 km will be finalized in June 2017 and the trip between the capital, Beijing, and Urumqi in Sindzyan – the Uighur autonomous region – will be shortened to 10 hours. From there, from the west, north and south stretch the vast spaces of Asia and Europe with the colossal economic prospects that they hide.

Beijing planned to put into operation a total of 200 highways by 2030 (119 primaries and 81 connecting) with the astronomical length of 260,000 km: the 12 rings of the planet Mars. Each year, Beijing builds motorway sections equal in length to the distance from the east to the west coast in the US and back. 

Chinese Railways holds the record for the highest speed of a passenger train: 431 km/h. The largest manufacturer of equipment for rail transport in China recently announced that it has begun research and development for a new train type, “maglev,” which can develop speed of up to 600 km/h. The idea is for a similar facility to connect the mega-cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the distance between which is over 1,000 km. According to the plans of the Chinese authorities, by 2030, the country of Confucius should have brought into operation an unimaginable 45,000 km of high-speed railway lines. The railway project has already become the most popular one for China and it will continue to become the main cooperation projects in OBOR investment.

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Invest in the Road projects

The development of highways are going to be one of most the important projects of the One Belt One Road initiative. To build up highways, the main body, the government, shall invite bids for a project. The experienced construction units and the investors or lenders are very important for the projects. Our company could help the main body to find appropriate construction company and financing plan. Also, we could find projects for construction company or financial Institutions.