Railways development & Role of Obor-Invest in it.

The railway projects related to One Belt One Road are between several countries. For example, China-Thailand railway project, China-Myanmar railway project and Singapore-Kunming railway project, these projects cost huge and take a long time. Also, there are still some projects between provinces or states. This kind of project takes less time and money and it could be profitable compared with those huge projects.

The north conveyor path of the economic belt of the new Silk Road will pass through Russia. The two countries have already agreed to build a 770-km high-speed train route between Moscow and Kazan. For the construction of the section, Beijing plans to extend credit in the amount of 400 billion rubles for 20 years. With Russian permission obviously, the central direction of the economic belt will be realized. Recently, the first block train, loaded with Chinese goods, passed through Russian-populated parts of Kazakhstan to Tehran. This is the way to recover the ancient Silk Road, the Iranian railway company said, cited by France Press.

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