Energy and Power

In the ever evolving energy industry, technological innovations and clean energy are transforming these industries. Energy projects developed from traditional power plants such as nuclear, coal, hydro and petroleum etc. powered energy have been the mainstay. Despite these methods, a greater emphasis is being placed on evolving and implementing strategies to develop wind and solar energy programs, in order to generate more clean power whilst reducing our carbon footprint. The Obor pathway is strategically positioned at the heart of the new proposed trade route which is deliberately linked with efficient, technology-driven and cleaner energy proposals.

Globally, retail power prices are rising. Companies and consumers are adopting a more technological driven consumption of power to create savings, whilst there is a shift identified from control and on all aspects of power generation and distribution to grid operation and service providers. We at Obor Invest realize this and ensure our partners and participants remain in a driving position to ensure best results. Our professional and skillful team of advisors and consultants, actively collaborating with representatives from Central Asian countries and further afield will provide you with extensively qualified and pro-active support.

How are we going to help you?

Our specialized team of experts and exclusive partners will provide extensive and strategic business plans for energy and power companies to re-examine and transform their business models. These procedures will assist you to develop competitive advantages and to implement successful strategies to overcome the ever increasing challenges including, but not limited to supply, regulatory and from a utilities perspective. Through our exclusive network, we can provide an infrastructure to transport power cross-borders and to store and operate as a power trader. Our existing global natural resource framework ensures we are competitive in what we offer, and unrivalled in what we achieve to serve the customers, identifying market opportunities and maintain a plan for long-term growth.