Aviation as an asset class has received attention from many institutional investors. The global market for commercial aircraft leasing is projected to reach US$314.8 billion by 2020. There has been unprecedented growth in the number of low cost carriers in the developing world therefore inevitably leading to increase in air traffic. This growth has created appetite, demand and competitiveness  for new aircrafts and related industries, better financial models and lending conditions etc.

How are we going to help you?

OBOR Invest and its network of highly competent partners are able to drive the optimal plans and solutions such as:

  • Aircraft Investment;
  • Aircraft Financial Leasing;
  • Aircraft Operating Lease;
  • Sale & Lease Back;
  • Aircraft Trading;
  • Aircraft Re-structuring;
  • Aircraft Advisory & Strategy;
  • Airline Start-up, Management & Technical Services;
  • Aircraft Investment;
  • Asset Management ; and
  • Business & Legal & Corporate Structuring;