Social & urban infrastructure

The ongoing changes in the environment, the budgetary pressures facing the governments, the population growth, the water scarcity, the need for energy efficiency and urbanization is are some of the essential factors driving the closer co-operation between private and public sectors. It is vital for countries to attract investment to implement or update and sustain the appropriate infrastructure and overcome today’s challenges and build the cities of tomorrow. The enhancement in the infrastructures and the harnessing of smart technologies will lead to the creation of trade or financial or social hubs and attract further private capital to continuously bolster the infrastructure.

How are we going to help you?

Leaner, innovative and flexible strategies are required to select, execute and manage infrastructure projects, thus assisting to build sustainable and successful cities for economic progression, both for countries and the OBOR initiative. We at OBOR Invest understand this! Obor Invest carves a road of optimal quality by combining expert skills and extensive experience with functional knowledge and partnering with cutting-edge global & local expert organizations to timely deliver cost-effective and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Our underlying approach

  • Identifying, selecting, reviewing and targeting the proposed projects and investments:

  • Designing and implementing a highly efficient strategy for preparation and procurement;

  • Enhanced management and execution solutions to minimize risks and ensure flexibility and agility throughout the lifecycle; and

  • Cultivating an ecosystem with buoyancy and transparency